Disrupting rallies, delusional “my candidate or bust” types, primary predictions

Workout notes I lifted weights in the mid afternoon. The bench press benches are all under repair so I did the incline.
rotator cuff
pull ups (5 sets of 10..average)
incline press: 10 x 135, 8 x 150, 10 x 140 (mediocre)
military presses: 2 sets of 12 x 50 seated, supported, 10 x 40 standing (dumbbells, each arm)
rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 dumbbell, 10 x 110 machine
headstand (average)
twist crunch (2 sets of 12)
yoga leg lifts.

It was all…ok. Not horrible, not great.

Election Predictions

If the polls hold up (better than they did in Michigan), it might be a good day for Hillary Clinton.
But a regression model by Alan I. Abramowitz (which explains Michigan and the other results rather well) makes this prediction:


Upshot: Sanders might get a couple of narrow wins…but still fall further behind in the count for pledged delegates.

Time will tell; however the statistics of this are very exciting for me!

Trump rally protests and disruptions

If you approve of the disruption of Trump rallies, what do you think about this?

Yep, the Bible Thumpers and other Right Wing Nut Jobs have the same “rights” as do the anti-Trump protesters. In fact Trump tweeted this:


Now I don’t know what percentage of these protesters are Sanders supporters. Sanders, of course, blames Trump. But which candidate is talking about a “revolution”?


Is this not incendiary rhetoric? Yeah, I know; he means a “political” revolution and not an armed one. But if you extend Sanders the benefit of the doubt, why not Trump?

Now of course, the Chicago Police did NOT tell Trump to cancel his Chicago rally (that would have been a “heckler’s veto”, which is a First Amendment violation) so he has no First Amendment leg to stand on; the First Amendment doesn’t guarantee a friendly audience. And of course, the unruly protesters can be kicked out (and should be) and arrested if they violate local laws.

And on a personal note: I shook my head at those who said that they “were proud of Chicago”. Seriously: it was a handful of SFB activists in a very large city; my guess is that your average Chicago Bears football game could also double for a Trump rally. Seriously; have you ever listened to Mike Ditka?

My candidate or nada Yeah, some Bern Victims are talking about “taking their ball and going home” if Sanders doesn’t win the nomination. Yeah, the more affluent Sanders supporters can get away with it. But some who are saying nonsense like this don’t have two extra nickles to their name.

So go for it. I am not going to. I’ll be disappointed if Hillary Clinton doesn’t win, but hey, if Bernie Sanders can beat her in the primary, he’ll probably do pretty well in the general. I’ll not only vote for him, but I’ll contribute to his campaign. Hillary Clinton has to earn it, and Bernie Sanders is putting up a respectable fight.


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