And I become a still bigger head case…



My routine was shot this morning (it is spring break) and so I got a very late start on my workout. I wasn’t sure of what to do and I decided to just start running; goal was 10-15 miles. My course takes me up a long, long incline (7 miles all uphill) and at about 3.5 miles into it, I just didn’t want to run uphill anymore. Uphill…always uphill. I wasn’t sick. I wasn’t especially tired and my legs were fine.

I just didn’t want to do it. So I quit. Sort of. I was midway through Springdale Cemetery and I was feeling mentally and emotionally down. But it was a pretty (if windy) day and I wasn’t ready to I walked..took the long way around the cemetery mausoleum and continued up the trail, past Tower Park, up over the Knoxville bridge and past Midstate to the intersection of Northmore and Sheridan. That was 8.x miles and I headed back via the direct route. When I finished I had completed 15.4 miles in 4 hours, most of it walking. It wasn’t my best effort, but 15 miles is better than 0 miles.

TMI: I must have been bloated because I used the bathroom several times before the run/walk, once right before and again after, though I only took a sip or two. Was this due to too much salt in my diet?


March 15, 2016 - Posted by | running, walking |

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