Last year, I could do one of these, running hard, in 10:05-10:15. Today: I did 2 loops; 11:04/10:52 (21:57); this was somewhere between 2.44 and 2.46 miles. So I was a hair under 9 minute miles. It didn’t kill me, but I had just a touch of “deep coughing” afterward.

I’ve had politics on my mind (and yes, other things…) and I admit it..when it comes to discussing some issues, well, I do see many liberals as, well, having values that are very different than mine. Some think that people have the right to have kids and YOU have the obligation to pay for their choices. Now, I doubt that even most Democrats believe that, but a fair number of people I associate with (and sometimes we are talking about close associations in some cases), do believe that.

One of my conservative Republican friends told me that I had quite a bit in common with her…and I agreed. I suppose that it is something like this:



March 10, 2016 - Posted by | Friends, politics, politics/social, running

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