Democratic Debate Watch Party

Yes, I am going to yet another one of these. Yes, Sanders supporters are putting it on, but I enjoyed myself the last time. But last time, I was with 1 friend.

This time, I will be with a spouse and 3 other friends (including one from this list), and our table, as of right now, will be 3 Hillary, 2 Bernie.

That just gladdens my heart.

I admit that I wondered if there would be much interest, but Sanders has done better than I had expected, though I believe that he is trailing too badly in pledged delegates to have a shot at the nomination; to catch up he’ll have to win many large states by very large margins. I don’t see that happening.

But I sure respect the campaign that he has run.

Oh yes, information about this can be found here. It is at the Bullpen Sports Bar, and the event has its own separate room with 2 large TVs and good service.

This is a photo of the last one; you can make me out (and my friend) in the background, to the right.



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