Last night’s Democratic Debate and Maine Caucus

The weekend ended up going slightly better (less bad?) for Sanders. He won the Maine caucus easily and got 15 pledged delegates to Clinton’s 7; so the net weekend result is Clinton + 3 pledged delegates. That is, Sanders is NOT catching up. But he is tough and holding his own; nothing to be ashamed of.

Last night’s debate was frustrating for me; in general I have little patience with “audience” questions. The one that asked about “prayer” and talked about her church services…grrr…I wanted to yell and tell her to go to the Republican debate and pester them. But the reality is that many (most?) Democrats are also religious.

Childhood poverty: uh…why are you having kids if you can’t afford to raise the ones you now have? Sorry, but PARENTS are (mostly) responsible for childhood poverty, though I understand that bad things can happen to people (domestic violence, lay-offs, diseases, deaths, accidents) and yes, there is evidence that things like SNAP can lower the likelihood that kids will need public aid later in life. So I remain in favor of such programs (and expanding them where necessary), though I hear what my Republican friends say and often agree with them. It makes me sick to see us cede this “personal responsibility” issue to them.

And you had the classic clash between the more nuanced Clinton and the bumper-sticker spouting Sanders. There are people who LIKE the latter.

Example: Clinton’s answer on fracking was the correct one (ALL energy extraction techniques have potential for disaster and ALL can be done properly or improperly). But if you say that…”what…you are ok with ruining drinking water?” For a proper “pro-and-con” discussion, see here.

Oh well…the answer to keeping myself serene during debates is to limit my discussion to people who evaluate claims by similar methods. I like talking about stuff, but I don’t care for people who “argue by spouting bumper stickers”.

Overall both candidates did fine; Sanders made a bit of a gaffe about the race question, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. All candidates make them and he has a long history of doing good things in this area.


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