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pre fpnc

I was a bit heavy legged. I decided to take advantage of great weather (above freezing..some breeze) to walk a bit on the roads and a bit on the Forrest Park Nature Center. I did a 4.6 mile out and back (2.3 each way) from the Tower Park to the first road past Midstate and back; lots of women out there running! That took 1:08:31 (14:53 pace).

Then I did the 7 mile Tower-to-FPNC with the spur, outer loop (Wakerobin) spur and back. 29:47 to the outer loop, 1:01:18 outer loop, 31:36 back. (3:11:12 for 11.6). It was a good hike; I balked a bit at doing the rugged Forrest Park Nature Center 10K but it went fine. I was 41 minutes at the end of Wakerobin; not quite the sub 1 hour I like but good enough. And minimal coughing.

Ying-Yang: well, the spousal unit has been back for a week. On one hand, week nights are better as I have a couch buddy…and it is a bit tougher to blast myself out of bed. That warm body is tough to leave.

Yang: well……I won’t go into details. I will say that it is sad for me to throw away my pocket basketball schedule, but it won’t be that long before the Chiefs start up again (low-A baseball).

And there is Illinois football. I did NOT agree with extending Coach Cubit to 2 more years; I like him but he did get fired from Western Michigan…a MAC program. But to fire him NOW? I suppose that the AD has an ace up his sleeve; Lovie Smith?


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