Clinton’s pledged delegate lead grows (though Sanders wins 2 states)

Here is a good source of results.

Yes, Bernie Sanders is proving to be a tough, noble opponent. I congratulated him and his supporters on the fine work that they have done. And he did win Kansas and Nebraska.

But Clinton won BIG in Louisiana and:

Let’s take a look at the math. Sanders won 23 delegates in Kansas to Clinton’s 10. He won — preliminarily — 14 delegates in Nebraska to Clinton’s 11. That’s a margin of 16 delegates.

In losing Louisiana, however, Sanders only claimed 12 delegates to Clinton’s 39.

Combine the three states, and Clinton gained 11 delegates on Sanders.

In short, Sanders is falling further behind when he needs to be making up ground.

Now the storm clouds: Democrat turnout is down from 2008. Then again, THAT race was exciting featuring two popular candidates and a serious African American candidate. But does this mean anything in the general? It is hard to tell; my guess is that President Obama will hit the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton; remember that he is very popular among Democrats.

Trump and Cruz split states, with Trump winning closer than expected in Louisiana and Kentucky. Cruz won in Maine and Kansas. Though the numbers still need to be crunched, Cruz may have cut into the lead a bit. And numbers suggest that Trump’s margin came from “early votes”.


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