Trump serves a purpose…still would be a bad vote

I’ve thought a bit more about this:

I’m a liberal-left college professor in the social sciences. I’m going to vote for Trump but I won’t tell hardly anybody.

My main reason is anger at the two-party system and the horrible presidencies of Obama and Bush. But I’m also furious at political correctness on campus and in the media.

I’m angry at forced diversity and constant, frequently unjustified complaints about racism/sexism/homophobia/lack of trans rights. I’m particularly angry at social justice warriors and my main reason to vote Trump is to see the looks on your faces when he wins.

It’s not that I like Trump. It’s that I hate those who can’t stand him. I want them to suffer the shock of knowing all their torrents of blog posts and Tumblr bitch-fests and “I just can’t …” and accusations of mansplaining didn’t actually matter. That they’re still losing. And that things are not getting better for them. They’re getting worse.

Yes, I hate political correctness and much of it comes from the left wing. But right wing political correctness is no good either, and that is exactly what Trump is running on. The right wing is hardly a bastion of intellectual freedom.

Now yes, the conservative establishment is in a panic and…yes, Bobby Jindal went as far as to …wait for it…blame President Obama for the rise of Donald Trump. And he is the one that said that the GOP ought to quit being the “stupid party”?

Yes, Trump serves a purpose. He is calling out the Republican establishment for their devotion to the rich donor class and for adhering to the lies that President George W. Bush kept us safe.

So, in some ways, one can view this as one con man calling out other con artists cons.

So yes, Mr. Trump is useful, but he has no business in the Oval Office.


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