Please spare me all of this “Trump is a bigot” stuff…

Yeah, Donald Trump has said some outrageous things, and I’ve even condemned some of these statements. But is Trump really that different from so-called mainstream Republicans in that area? There is some evidence that he really isn’t (here, here), though Trump dispenses with the nuanced “dog-whistles” that Republican leaders love to use.

The real reason they despise him is that he doesn’t hold the line on the supply side economics orthodoxy. This man doesn’t need big donors and so he is free to run against deeply unpopular ideas (slashing Social Security and Medicare) and to run on popular ideas such as repairing our crumbling infrastructure.

Oh, I won’t vote for him; he has made lavish promises in the past only to leave those who invested in his stuff holding the bag. And there is no reason to believe that he isn’t conning us all now. So there are plenty of reasons not to vote for him.

You can find similar sentiments here.


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