Robert Reich: delusional…

This is so sad to see:

Regardless of how well Bernie does today, the media will say Hillary is now the Democratic candidate. Baloney.

His reasons:

1. In the next few months the primary map starts tilting in Bernie’s favor: In later March: Maine, Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Arizona, Washington state, and Hawaii. In April: Wisconsin, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island. In May: Indiana and Oregon. In June, California, New Jersey, and New Mexico.

Uh, he’ll be lucky to win any of those states. Seriously?

2, Small-donor contributions continue to flow in to Bernie’s campaign. In February, the campaign raised a whopping $42 million. South Carolina’s loss didn’t stop the flow: The campaign received $6 million on Monday alone.

Yes, people will send money. So? Mitt Romney had a lot of it.

3. Bernie’s campaign is a movement.

Not exactly a “reason”. It is so sad to see Robert Reich sink this low. Denying that Hillary Clinton is the prohibitive favorite would be like saying that Bradley Basketball has a chance at winning the Missouri Valley Conference tournament (they are 3-15 in conference play), just because I am cheering for them (and I am). Wanting something to be so doesn’t make it so.


Sanders is a clear 14-1 underdog for the nomination, and Clinton is the favorite (considerably better than even money) to win it all.

After we see the results…as one friend said, be prepared for all of the “Hillary Cheated” claims.


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