Now about MY Vacation

Workout notes: 10.1 mile walk (House to Marina dam, with one Goose Loop lap) in 2:25:22 (roughly 14:25 mpm); sunny, somewhat breezy. Mild coughing at times, especially early. I am at about 90-95 percent recovered.

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On February 3, I woke up early to get Barbara on the 6 am bus from Peoria to Chicago O”Hare. Later today (after lunch), I will leave Peoria to pick her up at Chicago O’Hare (4:25 arrival). This will save her having to wait a looong time for the bus and getting home around midnight.

She frequently takes long trips like this (she has one more this year, plus a 2 week version in August) so I am quite used to it. Those who know me well know that, so if they say anything at all to me, it is “wow, she looks like she is having fun”, “love her photos” or “how is she doing?” (ans: GREAT!).

But there are those who are just getting to know me or who don’t know me that well…
“how is bachelor life” (ans: “good!”…surprised grin) or “I’ll bet you miss her” (yes, someone asked this) “uh…..” (there is no graceful way to say “no” so I’ll say “things are different”)

What is going on: while she is living it up, well, I am too, albeit at colder, less “exotic” location. Oh yeah, there is the “still working full time” thing too.
This year was a bit different. I hoped to catch up on some research but there was just a confluence of things at this time this year. What happened is that there was great weather (hence longer outdoor runs and walks), the Super Bowl (hence a home party for 2), a Presidential campaign (hence one debate watch party), the usual President’s Day Dinner and a home-loaded Bradley Basketball schedule. Couple that with one friend being in town (she is a bit like a sailor with a “girl in every port”, and I am one of her “Peoria girls”), one friend taking a reduced academic load and another having just enough time on the weekends during this time.

So, aside from my usual work and workout schedule (and a bit of a delay for my usual winter virus/cold/flu), This was my social schedule while my wife was gone: (s): solo, (d): one on one, (g) group, (*) FMI

1. (s) Friday 5 Feb: BU women b-ball by myself.
2. (d) Saturday 6 Feb: Lunch at Ruchi Indian Buffet (with A)
3. (s) Saturday 6 Feb: BU men b-ball by myself
4. (d) Sunday 7 Feb: BU women b-ball, Super Bowl watch party, dinner with T (Jerusalem takeout)
5. (s) Wednesday 10 Feb: BU men b-ball by myself
6. (d) Thursday 11 Feb: Democratic Debate Watch Party with P. at Sports Bar (Sanders event)
7. (g) Fri. 12 Feb: dinner at Asian Grill with P and A
8. (d) Sat. 13 Feb. lunch at Ruchi with A
9. (d) Sun. 14 Feb. dinner at Los Jimadores with T
10. (*s)Mon. 15 Feb. Peoria Democrats President Day Dinner by myself (*)
11. (s) Fri. 19 Feb. women BU b-ball by myself
12. (d) Sat 20: lunch at Ruchi with A
13. (d) Sat 20: dinner at Haddad’s and BU men B-ball with LD
14. (s) Sun 21 Feb: BU women b-ball by myself
15. (d) Sun 21 dinner at Los Jimadores with T
16. (d) Tue 23 dinner at Thanh Linh and BU men b-ball with LD
17. (g) Thu 25 dinner at Chili’s with P and N
18. (d) Fri 26: dinner at Hokkaido with A

Note: I, and a few others understand the (*). Also, I was supposed to have a “dinner date” last night; however T became ill with the flu and very dehydrated. So instead I took her to two medical appointments (25’th and 26’th); I am NOT counting those as social outings. 🙂 Hey, I am not THAT old..yet. 🙂

So, she will have been gone for 25 days. During that time I had 5 “by myself” outings, 6 if you count the (*), 2 group outings (groups of 3, including me) and 10 “friendship dates”. That is 18 outings for 25 days, but because I had some “doubles” that is only 15 out of 25 days in which I had a social outing of one kind or another (60 percent of the days), and 11 of 25 days (44 percent) in which I had a social activity with at least one other human being.

So I had a social vacation…time to catch up with old friends in a way that I couldn’t had my spouse been in town. It was just an unusually good month for me to socialize.

But…you say…if you are married….what about that “cold bed”? Well, to be honest, it takes about 2-2.5 weeks for THAT to start to bother me, and, well, at close to that time I caught a minor cold. TMI to follow: That cold didn’t make me feel THAT bad, but a mix of coughing and some truly disgusting night sweats (we are talking wet shirt, wet sheets, wet everything) made me grateful to be sleeping alone for a while. I like my wife too much to subject her to that. 🙂


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