Using last cold season’s medicine

No workout today, though I did have to talk myself out of it. I really did feel much better when I woke up, though my night sweats were truly revolting.

IF I feel as good tomorrow, I’ll treat myself to a 5K walk, with perhaps a few pull ups. To put it into perspective: this Monday, climbing 4 flights of stairs made me tired. That is very unusual for me.

But as far as the cold medicine: I took some cough syrup (“nighttime” stuff) because, when I lay down, I started to cough and I wanted sleep.

Of course, yesterday I went out and bought tissues, hand sanitizer and night/day cold stuff. And lo and behold, I don’t need the cold stuff, save a little before bedtime…and I have stuff left over from the last time.
Funny how that works, isn’t it? By the time I admit that my scratchy throat and cough isn’t “just allergies” and break down and buy stuff, I am all but over it and so the medicine I just bought gets used for the next time.


February 24, 2016 - Posted by | Personal Issues | ,

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