Warm run (For February in Illinois)

It was 38 F at the start and it warmed into the low 50’s by the time I finished. This is Illinois.

I’ll take it.


Course: Riverplex via the Goose Loop to Midstate and then to the intersection of Sheridan and Northmore and back, with a “on the way back” detour through Tower Park. I then ran past the back of the Riverplex, under the I-74 bridge to the parking lot and that made 15.25. Roughly: it was 7.35 miles out and 7.6 miles back (Tower adds .25 miles) and the extra at the end added about .3 miles.

Time: ghastly slow: 3:01:30, and I was 2:58 at 15 miles. I wasn’t in the mood to push.

There were many, many runners out in the northern part of the course. On the way out I chased two bespandexed MILF types and caught them, eventually, though I suspect the younger, smaller one was holding back to stay with her friend. Two women and many guys blew past me.

On the way back I saw a huge pack of runners (think: “race size”) and many of my friends were there (T, Crystal, Stephanie, etc.); I got a couple of high 5’s and got to make some “goat horns”.

Now to shower…those who will be around me later will appreciate that.


February 20, 2016 - Posted by | Friends, running


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