Looking up? (Impromptu race)

I am sleeping better. I decided to do 10K on the track and then cool down with a walk.

Lane 2: 9:55, 9:35 (19:30), 9:14 (28:44), 8:33 (37:18), 8:31 (45:50), 8:26 (54:16), 1:03 (55:20), 1:02 56:22 (9:04 pace for the 10K). Walk .75 miles to cool down; 7 total.

Last 5K: 26:36
Last 4 miles: 34:46
last 5 miles: 44:21

While these are not outstanding times, they represent the best I’ve done in some time. But I had help. There were a few students on the track and right about half way I started to pass a young woman. She wouldn’t let me! She was in lane 1 while I was in 2; that accounted for the 8:33 and 8:31 before she finished; I had an 8:26 mile left in me and never felt that bad.

Part of me feels a little “darn..why couldn’t I just have dropped her”, but, well I am at least 35-36 older than she is. That makes a difference.

I think that I’ve finally recovered from last month’s blood donation.


February 18, 2016 - Posted by | running |

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