Frog Boil/Chase 10 workout

It was 10 F outside and I didn’t want to just waddle and slog. So I went indoors on the treadmill for what I call the “frog boil” workout on the treadmill…in this case I give myself an option to “chase 10”.

Idea: set the incline to 0.5 to account for no wind resistance and start at 5.3 mph (11:19 mpm) and increase the speed .1 mph every 3 minutes. The idea is to gradually get used to the increasing pace (like the old myth of a frog staying in hot water until it boils, which is, well, bunkum) And yes, I did get tired. Yes, the last 3 minutes is 7.2 miles per hour (8:20 mpm). I give myself the option to “chase 10”, meaning that I can stop the speed increases, and even back down a little when my average pace reaches 10 minutes per mile (usually between 44-45 minutes into it)

I managed to do the full frog boil today and finished with 6.25 miles in 1 hour; I was 58:00 at mile 6 and 59:45 at 6.21 (10 km).

It was pretty easy for the first 30-33 minutes or so and became work when I got into the low 9 minute per mile range.

Hey, it is a way to get a workout and to beat the boredom. Perhaps I’ll get a short walk over lunch to get some sun.


February 11, 2016 - Posted by | running |

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