One reason “anti-PC-ness” gains traction ….

Just read. A little from Jerry Coyne’s website:

But the latest report of student malfeasance does come from Chicago: from Northwestern University up in Evanston. As reported by The Daily Beast, NU holds a burlesque show as part of its annual Sex Week, and the show is racy and salacious. Students must audition, and everyone who does is guaranteed a part—but not a special part as a solo act or as part of a small group. And that’s the rub. As the Daily Beast reports:

But when the casting decisions were shared with the would-be performers, they revolted. Apparently, they didn’t think the directors’ choices were diverse enough—“marginalized experiences were not sufficiently represented in the selected acts,” reported The Daily Northwestern.

Because of this, some students quit the show.

“It was brought to our attention that there are people in our community who feel that those solos and duets and trios are not best representing what the Burlesque community is,” [NU Burlesque co-director Avril] Dominguez said. “We do have a very inclusive and representative cast at large (and) we’re taking that criticism into account and really trying to reestablish a safe space.”

A safe space! Can you really equate not being given a solo to making you “unsafe”?

There is a lot more. Anyway, this is one reason that universities get ridicule.


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