Playing too much?

Well, today wasn’t very productive but I enjoyed it.
Morning: bassprocemetery

I was a bit sloppy and I wasn’t very fast. It took me 3:19 to cover this course; it was probably (realistically) about 13 miles (walking). I saw several runners; course was to Bass Pro, back, then to the end of Springdale (via the goose loop), mausoleum loop, back via the gooseloop with 2 extra gooseloop laps.

Then came a Bradley womens’s game; BU lost to Southern Illinois 65-51; SIU had a player from East Peoria who drew many local supporters. They simply shot the ball very well and got open looks.

Tracy met me there for most of the game; walked back to the house with me and we had our own “Super Bowl” party with some Middle Eastern food from Jerusalem Restaurant (highly recommended).

The Super Bowl itself was a defensive slugfest which the Broncos won 24-10; the first Bronco TD came on a strip sack/fumble recovery and the second was set up by a forced fumble inside the 10. A long punt return set up one field goal. The Panthers had a drive for a touchdown; their field goal game via a turnover.

Hopefully I’ll play a little LESS this upcoming week and have something more worthy of being written about. 🙂


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