Primary Races: Super Bowl Edition

Off to walk in a bit. During the winter, when I have the time, I like to wait for the sun to come up so I can get some sunshine.

I missed last night’s Republican debate. Now as far as those “Rubio is the Republican Obama”: evidently he didn’t wear the “front runner” mantel very well. I guess that repeating rehearsed soundbites only goes so far.

Democratic Race Yes, Senator Sanders is a heavy favorite in New Hampshire and deserves to be. But nationally, some Sanders supporters have focused on ONE national poll that was good for them. Two other national polls taken at the same time show, well…something very different and something more in line with previous polling.


I find it ironic that some Sanders supporters are making exactly the same mistake that Romney supporters made in 2012: cherry picking the outlier poll that tells you what you want to hear and ignoring the numerous other polls that don’t give you the result that you want. Sam Wang talks about this and other topics here.

General Election
If the 2016 election is going to be a referendum on President Obama, well, his approval ratings are, well, average compared to previous presents, and downright stellar compared with the previous president. Note: the dotted line is the historical trend, and the light green line is President Obama’s, and the dark green is President W. Bush’s.



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