Republican dirty tricks in Iowa

First, I did my usual 8.1 mile Cornstalk course in 1:33:09 (about 11:30 mpm); it was sunny and 19 F; I was pretty much by myself.


On the way out of Bradley Park I saw the BU women’s XC team training; many waved and said hi. Then as I ran past the arena I saw them doing their cool down striders; they ran past me as if I were standing still. 🙂 Well, they’d better be able to.

Then I saw a text from Barbara; she is going for a walk on the beach and it is 86 F there (El Salvador); she asked me to “hot hate her”. I’m trying. 🙂


Wow. Evidently the Cruz campaign put out word that the Carson campaign was quitting and asked for his supporters to caucus for Cruz. That could have tipped the balance.

The Republicans play dirty; this is yet another reason I want Hillary Clinton to represent us in the general.


February 4, 2016 - Posted by | politics, politics/social, running |

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