Longish walk (personal and trivial)


13.3 mile walk in 3:16 (14:45 pace); 1:37 to the end of Springdale and 1:39:30 back (extra loop around the mausoleum. Great day for it; 49…damp but then sunny at the finish. This was like an April day! This is one of the best winters in a long time.

Note: I have 173 miles (running/walking) for 2016, but this is due to having the last weekend in the same month (two “sort-of” long walks).

While I was walking:


Yes, this is so true for me, for a number of reasons. I’ll list a few:

1. Ideas that “just popped into my head” aren’t even “half baked”…they are still raw dough. 🙂 Yeah, I am idiot, but I’d rather not provide extra evidence for it!

2. If it is a personal situation, the vast majority of the time, I don’t have all of the relevant facts and context.

3. And, IF it is a case where I am angry, it is almost always essential that I “zip the lip”. This especially applies in situations where we are joking around and someone says something that just irritates the **it out of me..and this can happen when the person saying it is merely joining in. Often it isn’t *what* is said, but *who* is saying it and my history with that individual. Two people can say essentially the same thing; in one case I’ll give an honest laugh but in the other case, I want to say F**K YOU.


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