Long jog gratitude, regret, joy and sorrow


The run itself: nothing special, other than this is January 30 in Illinois, and the weather was sort of March-April like. It could not have been any better; no snow, very little ice, etc.
I started behind the Riverplex and took the Rivertrail path up to and through Peoria Heights, over the Knoxville bridge then to Northmoor (where Midstate College is) and then the sidewalk to the intersection of Sheridan and Northmoor. That was 7.15 miles (1:24). I then reversed course though I ran along Glenn to go through Tower Park where I could make a pit stop..then back along Prospect where I picked up the path again. It was 7.35 back (1:26).
Total time: 2:50:39. (11:46 mpm)

The emotions (the TL;DR part) Though I am aware of my surroundings (I don’t want to get run over by cars or hit by bicycles), I let my mind go when I run (shuffle, or whatever you call it).

Yes, I am grateful that I have the health and means to enjoy this activity. I was a grand day to be out there.

But yes, I regret that I am not better at it. On the way back I was passed by a pretty woman in black running tights; they had become quite clingy..but given how quickly she passed me and disappeared (8:30’ish pace?) I told myself “don’t even think about it”. Damn I hated myself for being so slow!

And when I finished ….I realized my time, 2:50, was for 14.5 miles. Back during my last sub 4 hour marathon (San Diego, 2002), I had covered 20 miles in the same amount of time. Sigh…

But I was out there. Then I remembered some of my friends from that era; we ran through much of the same course together..namely Steve and Jerry. Now they are gone; damn I miss them. Time for tears..

But as I exited the park, I saw T and some of her crew either getting ready to run or ..perhaps back from one? It doesn’t matter; T never knew Steve or Jerry; they were “before her time” as a local runner, so to speak. She is part of the “new” (to me) crop of running friends. Time for smiling.

Time and Providence is cruel as far as taking wonderful people out of my life, but they are also generous about adding new wonderful people to my life. I can’t help but “smile through the tears”.

Ok, enough of this; I am still stinky and I want to shower before the Bradley game (vs. Drake on ESPN 3).


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