The walk of shame to the library

Workout notes: 8 mile “run” on the Rivertrail to Glenn Oak Park, up Prospect and into Springdale to the Mausoleum and around that small loop. It was windy and just under freezing; not bad running weather though. The footing was mostly good.


Not shown is the small spur I did on the trail which parallels Perry Ave.; that was iced over so I turned around but I did enough to get 8.
Then I did 10 minutes on the elliptical and a few weightless squats to loosen up.

Note: while out on the “run” I found a dollar bill.

Walk of Shame I took a whole stack of books to the library; they were mostly for a project that didn’t work out. But I did check out a new book to look at something else and what did I find in that book?


I put it on social media but that isn’t exactly “like-bait” 🙂 But seeing that did remind me that I need to get moving. It has been too long since I’ve had one of these.

I am thinking about things and I have a mystery that I don’t understand…yet. For the mathematically inclined: it has to with speeding up the convergence of an alternating series by using Cesàro summation. For the first two examples I’ve tried (one conditionally convergent, one absolutely convergent), the convergence sped up by a constant multiplicative factor. That isn’t very good for computational purposes, but why “that” factor and not some other one?


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