Feeling better by putting others down..

I sometimes to some thinking during my longer workouts.
Today, I wanted to run a “faster” pace and then walk a bit and get some sun.

Frog Boil: start 5.2 mph for 3 minutes and increase by 0.1 mph every 3 minutes.
I was at mile 4 in 41:03 and mile 6 in 58:36 (17:33 for final 2 miles), 10K in 1:00:30
3 mile walk on the track (to dry off my shirt) 43:21 (lane 2, Riverplex)
3 mile walk outside (Hooters to the start of the Marina and back; mostly snow/ice free) and some nice sun.

Total: 12 miles, or 23 miles for the weekend, or 38 running/walking for the week. 3100, 2200, 2650 yard swims, and 3 lifting sessions.

It isn’t much but it is a start, and my body is starting to perk up again.

Treadmill note: the gym was mostly empty and almost all of the treadmills were empty. So someone gets on…Right. Next. To. Me.
Ok, it was a very nice looking bespandexed younger woman so it wasn’t all bad…but why right next to me?

Title of the post I critique ideas and will continue to do so. And yes, I put my own ideas out there for critique; and sometimes they get published.
I’ll continue to critique ideas.

However I have an internal mean streak that sometimes surfaces and I get the urge to make a mean spirited “joke” at someone’s expense (e. g. via a meme, etc.)
That is almost always as sign that I am frustrated with my own life..and there is only one way to deal with that. I need to focus on my OWN shortcomings…and there are a LOT of those.



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