relearning old lessons…

Today’s workout was a bit of a bust; I wanted 13 miles (like last week) and ended up with 11.
Why? Well, the first 3 on the track (outside lane of the Riverplex 34:00, or about 32:20 for 3) were ok.
but then I went to the treadmill and while I kept it on 5.5 mph and varied the incline, I found that I had a shot of finishing 6 in 1:05 (1 hour limit plus the 5 minute cool down) so I kicked it in.
I enjoyed that but that tired me out; the next mile on the track (11:42 or about 11:10 for the actual mile) was a death march, even though I got to joke with Lou, Mardi and Larry.

Then the last mile on the treadmill was a bust; I ended up walking it in and finished that in 14 minutes. So, 45:42 + 14 + 59:42 for the track and second treadmill part. 2:04:37 for 11 miles, total.

Better than zero but, well, I should have known better.


January 23, 2016 - Posted by | running

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