Toxic relationships, coaches, executives failing upward

Some time ago I was having a conversation with a dear friend. I had remarked that someone what on her 4’th husband and my friend lamented “4’th? Why can’t I find even one?”.
And so I thought about things and the people that I am friends with. Yes, I am on my second spouse (almost 20 years now) and, fortunately, I’ll never catch one of my uncles to had SEVEN wives (not at the same time).

I thought about those I know who have had multiple marriages and how so many seem appealing to me?

I turned to the business world and remember that many CEO’s start at one company, fail, and then land another CEO job. I though about football, where it is common for one head coach to get fired and then land another head coaching job. Come to think of it, the head coach for “my” college team (a Big Ten program) was fired from a MAC job during his previous head coaching tenure! Yes, on occasion, it does work out (example)

And I thought about our local university president who was “encouraged” to retire..looking for another position.

What the hell is going on?

My guess: some people are really, really good at self promotion. They are good at “getting” jobs but perhaps not so good at actually doing them. And personalities can be that way; one can send out signals that they’d be great to be with..but very challenging to actually live with.

Note: I know that I am hard to live with, but anyone who has associated with me for even a short time has no trouble detecting that right away; I alienate people where ever I go. 🙂

Off to run..4 F and I am going to die. But it is supposed to snow tonight so this might be my last chance to get outside for a while.


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