On sexual attraction between humans

This will be about heterosexual attraction between humans.
What motivated this article: part of the motivation was talking to single people on social media. Part of it was my own reactions. Sometimes my reactions are very easy to understand


but on occasion, I’ll have a reaction that I didn’t anticipate and wouldn’t have been able to predict.

And I was also motivated by this meme I saw on social media:


Now I get the point of the meme. One can’t just say: “You are supposed to find THIS to be sexy and it is so”.

But there IS an issue here. First of all, there is a cultural component to beauty. If you doubt this, ask yourself if you find bound feet to be a sign of beauty. What about neck rings?

On the other hand, I don’t need anyone to tell me what I get aroused by. I’ve got built in indicators for that.

Here is what I think is going on: there are different aspects to beauty. One is what one might call the “trophy” or “arm candy”. If you are a male, you know know how your step is just a bit bouncier if you are walking around with a “hot” woman and people might think that you are “with” her, whether you are or not. My guess is that this is a status thing and, of course, culture plays a role. There are a group of women that would be considered arm candy.

Then there is what pushes your button (put crudely: “pitches your tent”). And the group of women in this category isn’t exactly the same as the “arm candy” category. There is considerable overlap, of course. But the two groups are not the same. In my case, the group of women I find attractive tend to be a bit older and heavier (in the butt) than most men find optimal. But there are exceptions.

And yes, physical beauty matters, like it or not.

Now there is another side to this: what about the guys? I won’t write too much more, but this message to the self pitying “nice guy who can’t find a date” is..harsh but probably well taken.


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