Social Media data mining and 2 F walk


Wunderground had it at 2 F with 10 mile per hour winds. There was a dusting of snow on the ground. I bounded and walked 5 outside; footing was ok. But I finished with 3 in 38:40 on the treadmill to give me 8 for the day.

I was too cold to think of much.

Data mining: I’ve openly complained about the Rams moving to Los Angeles. I compared them to an unfaithful spouse. And so I got e-mail


Yes; I got my second “divorce attorney” ad (they came after my online complaints that had words such as “never loved me”, “unfaithful”, “tramp”, etc. And of course, “Vivid Seats” has identified me as a LOS ANGELES Rams fan. πŸ™‚

Nope. Either Colts or Bears, depending on which games I can get to and who I can round up into going with me.

Off to watch the Bradley women take on Wichita State; the latter went from “best in the league” last season to “tied for the worst”, due to player attrition and the coach coming under fire for being too hard on the players.

Go figure.


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