Tale of two gyms…

Today: last Friday before classes start up again next week, I went to the Riverplex to swim. I got there in time to start with my own lane; that soon ended.

2200 straight, 3 x 200 pull with 100 recoveries, 100 back. 3100 yards. That’s it.

When one gets to the Riverplex late, one encounters mostly older, retired people. A few of these are impressive, but…life has not been kind to everyone.
On the other hand: the university gym features mostly young bodies. There is no comparison.

Now there is this: the university gym reminds me of how far I’ve fallen. Riverplex reminds me of how far I have yet to fall. 😦

Ah, I am still moving forward and that is something to be grateful for. Here is what the first half month of January, 2016 looks like

1. 8 mile run 1:29
2. 3300 yard (3 km, or 1.8 miles) swim, 5 mile walk, weights
3. 8.6 mile walk
4. 2650 yard swim (1.5 miles), weights
5. 8 mile run 1:26
6. 3300 yard swim (3 km) , 4 mile walk
7. 10K run (1 hour even), weights
8. 3100 yd (1.75 miles) swim
9. hilly 10.6 mile run
10. 3100 yd (1.75 miles) swim, weights
11. 6 mile run (59 minutes), 2 mile walk
12. 4 mile walk, weights
13. 3100 swim, 4 mile run in 37 minutes
14. 5 mile walk, weights
15. 3100 yard swim (1.75 miles)

So I am still moving albeit at a sloth-like pace. 70 miles of running or walking, 12.3 miles of swimming. πŸ™‚


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