I am just not a Republican…nothing for me in that party

Yes, I have Republican friends. Some I really like..even border on loving.

Yes, I talk with them. And here what is strange: when we talk, I find that we agree on many things and, in some cases, I agree with them MORE than I agree with my more liberal friends! Seriously; many of these seriously believe in “equality of opportunity” realizing that some fail in life because they fritter away the chances that they have.

Personal choices matter….though they don’t tell the whole story. The playing field is not level, and many of my Republican friends not only admit this, they do something about it.

So, I wonder…maybe …just maybe…that is where I should be.

Then I see things like tonight’s “debate” (cliche fest) and wonder WTF??? Who in the hell applauds this BS? It is almost as if the people in the audience are as different from me as those who reside in, say, a repressive Islamic republic. I am just not one of them and never will be.


January 15, 2016 - Posted by | Friends, politics, politics/social

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