GOP debate: cliche fest; short on substance but…

Ok, I’ll just say it. I really think that Trump did well. Yes, he had a “court TV” (Rubio’s jab) exchange with Cruz over his eligibility to be President but when Cruz attacked him for having “New York City” values, Trump talked about how tough it was to clean up and rebound from 9/11 and how insulting Cruz’s statement was. I think that he just shone there.

The rest of it: it was mostly Christie and Rubio fighting, and Rubio and Cruz fighting, and everyone attacking Hillary Clinton and calling her an “Obama third term”. Bernie Sanders was mentioned a few scattered times (starting later in the debate) but mostly as a force that is driving Clinton to the left. It is clear that they don’t see him as a serious threat to win the nomination; Kasich even admitted as much.

There was a moment where candidates were asked to take a stand on the “don’t admit Muslims” moment.

From my Facebook feed:

Jeb: opposes Muslim ban.
Kasich: opposes (“not acceptable”) but opposes Syrian refugees.
Christie: opposes Syrian refugees. Says that you can’t just ban all Muslims
Rubio: blames Obama and talks about ISIS. Dodges the direct question.
Cruz: understands why Trump says what he did. Dodges question to grandstand. (no refugees from Isis controlled areas)
Carson: “get experts to come up with guidelines for visas and immigration”

There was the usual supply side BS and “Obama is changing America” BS…siding with criminals, terrorists, etc.

Of interest: Christie was asked about how he would pay for infrastructure repair and he had a similar idea to Obama’s: do a lower repatriation tax on offshore corporate money.

Bush said a few sensible things about cyber security and Kasich made some sense about healing the rift between law enforcement and the communities.

But most of the 150 minutes was spent on spouting tired old cliches and only a small portion was about substance.


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