President Obama’s hard hitting State of the Union address

You can watch it and read the text here. Some of it was traditional. But much of it hit key points:

1. He attacked some of the extremist rhetoric that we are hearing on the campaign trail, such as Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim refugees and immigrants or Cruz’s proposal to “carpet bomb”.
2. He called out the climate change deniers big time: “we didn’t deny that Sputnik was up there but instead…” rose to the challenge.
3. He pointed out that terrorism, while being a safety issue, isn’t an existential threat. And the Cold War is over.
4. He pointed out that much of the strength of the United States comes from places OTHER THAN the military. Example: we helped lead the way in saving lives with the ebola crisis. The respect that we get from the world should not stem from a fear of being bullied.
5. He also called out gerrymandering (politicians selecting voters rather than the other way around).

I liked it, but of course, Republican heads are exploding.


January 13, 2016 - Posted by | Barack Obama, politics, politics/social |

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