7 F and kicking myself back into it…

I am drinking coffee and getting ready to go to the gym, (7 F outside!) and gradually working myself back into the semester mode. I do have a few projects to do before classes start and a couple to get some more momentum on.

Preworkout: I’ve upped swimming rapidly and my shoulders are feeling it. I need to cut back a bit today (say, 2200 yards instead of 3100)

NFL Last season I binged on NFL games, making the final 5 Rams home games, 2 Colts games and 1 Chiefs game. Needless to say, I won’t be making nearly as many next season, though I do want to make the Colts vs. Bears game, and probably mix a few Bears games with some Colts games. I tend to make these later in the season (October onward) due to my fall marathon (Quad Cities? Air Force? Peoria? Des Moines?) I think that I might want to make one trip to Arrowhead too, or possibly to Lambeau as I’ve always wanted to see a game there.

I was really hoping that we’d get the Chargers or Raiders, but, being brutally honest, I don’t see St. Louis as being an NFL city. Baseball is doing well there.

Politics: the State of the Union speech sort of revved up my juices and now, we get on with the campaign. A reasonable fact check of the speech can be found here. My beef with the “fact check”: I think it is entirely fair to start counting job losses/gains from the point at which his polices passed; no one solves anything by taking the oath of office.

As far as the 2016 race” Yes, there has been some tightening in the polls for the Democratic nomination.

Though Clinton remains the favorite, her odds have dropped from 8/11 to 10/11 (lower the number, the better the odds); she is still slightly better than even money. Sanders finally appears on the board albeit as a 10-1 shot, and Trump is now tied with Rubio, which is his best showing. The Democrats remain the favored party.

Personally, I am a modestly enthusiastic Clinton supporter; I think that she is smart, accomplished and level headed. But if Sanders pulls off the upset (and it would be a large one), I’ll support him in the general with no reservations.

I am much more interested in the Republican race; I really don’t know what will happen there. On one hand, I am somewhat surprised that Trump is doing as well as he is at this time and surprised that Bush appears to be floundering so badly. We’ll see; I don’t have a good feel for this one.

My in real life friends Counting those people that I am good enough friends to do stuff with:

my latest football watching party (Barbara, me, Tracy) all support Clinton. My other football going work friend also reluctantly supports her; many of my work friends are of the “any Democrat will do” variety.
One of our dinner companions is a corporate Republican and supports Fiorina (she isn’t doing so hot); not sure if she will vote Trump if he wins.
A couple of my other good friends (and likely event companions) are Sanders supporters; one even wants to work for his campaign.

I agree with people like Reich and, yes, Sanders, that the system IS rigged for the extremely wealthy and that regulations are set up so that big finance can take risks with other people’s money and suffer no consequences. However rhetoric won’t solve the problem and I honestly think that Clinton is more likely to get at least some action on this issue. I am a person who thinks that 1/3 of a loaf is better than a noisy, failed attempt at the whole loaf.


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