Post Blood Donation workout..and Illinois

I am mentioning it as I like to record how long it takes me to get “back to normal” after a whole blood donation. As far as the process itself: the Red Cross Blood donation site is in shambles (wants a password, then didn’t mail the “forgotten password”) so I called to make the appointment. And they were 20-30 minutes late though I was 15 minutes early.

The Peoria site is not well run, at least from the donor point of view. And I’ll get repeated telephone calls again; they are so much of a pest that I have their number set on “do not ring”. But I do it twice a year anyway as I don’t want to be outdone by social conservatives, who donate at a higher rate (though there may be “eligibility reasons” for this.

Workout notes

This isn’t my photo, but the predawn sky looked a bit like this. I love that. Of course, I was walking to the Riverplex where I swam 3300 yards (3000 meters). 1000 free, then 4 x (5 x 50 drill/swim, 250 free), 3 x 100 IM (ugly IM). I was a little bit off. Drills: 3g for the first set, fist for the second, front kick for the third, catch up for the fourth.

Then I walked 4 miles (plus) outside; basically the length of the “Hooters to ball field” section. Though the river has receded from parts of the path, those sections are now iced over. And the goose loop is still largely underwater. Pace was 14:40’ish.

Commentary: where I live Ok, this winter is actually not bad at all.
But…it is still Illinois and..I think of the times where I’ve been on a road trip and just cross the state line…just to see the highway turn to crap and see an Illinois State Police car ready to pounce on those entering the state.

If Illinois were a single woman on the make, she’d scare away every decent guy out there.
Maybe that sounds like a weird comparison. But these days, states have to look good if they expect to get any attention. In times of yore, people spent their entire lives in the same place. Nowadays in the information age, people can study and compare states just like singles use dating sites. Which would-be suitors might make you toes curl? Or gut hurl?
In relationships, sometimes you hit the road, and sometimes you get dumped. The latter is what often happens to Illinois, according to United Van Lines. Its study released this week shows Illinois ranked third last year among states that were most moved from. In other words, a lot of people want to get the heck away from here, pronto. [..]

Read the rest..there is more.

And yes, I’d love to leave, were I able to get a comparable job elsewhere…one where I could walk to work every day.

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