Return to Sunday walks and Bradley Basketball…

Well, the NFL is all but over for me..that is a good thing. 🙂 Ok, I miss it already. Yeah, the playoffs start, but I won’t be at the games themselves.


Today’s walk: 2:08 (about 14:55 mpm) in just under freezing conditions. Of note: the path is flooded from just behind the Peoria Museum to just past the Gateway..and then again the stretch behind the Gateway to just past the Riverplex. I walked on Water Street and took the path under the bridge in front of the Riverplex.

The walk: felt fine, if a little slow. This week:

Monday: 42:26 treadmill run
Tuesday: 2200 yard swim, weights
Wednesday: 8 mile run (1:18, lane 2 track), 2 walk
Thursday: 2200 yard swim, weights
Friday: (New year), 8 mile run outside (8.3, slow)
Saturday: 3300 yard swim, weights, 5 mile walk
Sunday: 8.6 mile walk.

35 miles running/walking, 3 weight sessions, 7700 yards swimming. It will be interesting to see how this changes with time. It sure isn’t much right now. But it is progress.

Bradley Basketball: The men got overwhelmed 85-58 by a strong Wichita State team; the lead was 48-24 at the half and was up to 66-35 at one point. But Bradley did compete and kept it close for 10 minutes or so:


Then we watched the women lose 67-54 to Loyola.


Yes, they too lead the game at one time and were only down 27-25 at the half, despite…5 for 20 shooting! (yes, 25 percent). They didn’t score until 5 minutes into the game and were still in it. But a 3’rd quarter run put it away, though the Braves closed it to 5 at a couple of points late. Still, 16-50 shooting and 20 turn overs isn’t going to win any games.

Ok, “fluff” blogging…hopefully I’ll have more substantial things to say later.


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