Sub 10 mpm is work for me now…

Today: I went to the track; didn’t know what I would do but it was snowy outside. I wanted to do something “moderately strenuous”.

I got going (lane 2): 10:10, 9:59, 9:45, 9:46 (39:42 for 4), 9:40, 9:50, 9:30, 9:20 (1:18:03, or 39:42/38:21). Basically, it was a 10 minute pace for the first 2, 9:45 for the middle 4, 9:25 for the final 2. Time: 1:18:03 (9:45 pace) This was one of my better *recent* efforts, and it was far from a “race” effort; it was “moderately strenuous”…just enough to get out of my warm, lazy cocoon.

I then walked 5 slow laps with Barbara (who was warming up for her workout), sped up a little for the next 3 and then walked another mile in 14:25 to finish 10 miles. Then I did a little bit of yoga.

I remember 78 minutes at this effort resulting in 10 miles, not 8. But that was last true 15 years ago. But that is how it is for a fortunate 56 year old. The pace you run now: it is slow compared to what you were able to do even 5-6 years ago. BUT 5-6 more years down the line, I’ll be wishing that I could run at my current pace, provided I am fortunate enough to enjoy my current state of health.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics is relentless and merciless. The Gompertz Law is real. (I think that teaching the Life Contingencies class has ruined me forever. 🙂 )

The Gompertz law basically states that, for humans, the failure rate is an exponential of an exponential; your rate of decline accelerates rapidly as you age. Or put another way, the decline from 35-40 is much less severe than it is from 50 to 55. Or, if I am running the same pace as a 35 year old right now, in 5 years, that 40 year old will have slowed down a little, but I will have slowed down a whole lot more.


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