You won’t keep that New Year’s Resolution to workout unless…

I saw this on a friend’s wall and it made me laugh:


And yes, many of my sports and fitness minded friends have laughed about seeing the gym crowded early in the year only to become empty later.

Jan1st Gym

There is some research that talks about this. It appears that some of us are programmed to like working out and others are not.

And, let’s face it: all of us HAVE to do stuff we don’t want to do.

So, what about those who don’t have the desire to exercise built into their nature?

One approach that works for some is to make exercise a social thing. One can do this with a spouse or good friend (some have used me for this purpose) and one can either join an exercise class or develop a “community feeling” for a set workout period. I see many in the Riverplex who do this, even with me (e. g. someone noticed that I had a hair cut and a shave).

It is also my personal opinion that one should find an activity that they either enjoy or at least are more tolerant of.
I am lucky in there is a lot that I like to do (though I am not good at it) but even I need people; that is probably why I do more of those 5K races than I should.

If someone knows that they are goal oriented, one can make it a goal to, say, finish the local major race (e. g. the Steamboat 4 mile in Peoria) and join a group that is designed to get people to do that (like, say, the Illinois Valley Striders Building Steam program).

All of the well-intended resolutions in the world have a low probability of success if there is no concession made to a person’s nature.

I note that several of my friends who are very, very fit (finished marathons or beyond, lead several exercise classes, etc.) workout mostly in groups or with a friend.

This is why I am not a big fan of home exercise equipment. It can help…those who are genetically programed to do it anyway. And I do use our home treadmill when I am pressed for time OR when it is snowy/icy outside. But I am one of those who will “do it anyway.”


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