My trip to Arrowhead Stadium (Browns vs. Chiefs)

I wrote about the game itself here. This will be more about the trip and “the experience”.

I’ve made a LOT of NFL games this year; in fact I’ve made 8. I’ve spent less than a season ticket holder does though (thanks internet!) and, the most expensive tickets I had were the “worst seats” (not bad seats, but a bit high up) for the high demand Bears vs. Rams game. And yes, the Rams got stomped..though they swept the Seahawks? Don’t get me started.

This trip was in lieu of a bowl game; 6 hour drive, reasonably priced tickets and a good ticket (30 yard line, 38’th row). And it was a chance to ESCAPE (holidays drive introverts crazy).

I started the day with a treadmill run: 11 minute warm up, 17:45 for 2 miles (8:57/8:48), some elliptical, then 10:40 cool down mile. It was warm in the exercise room and it got to me. There was some cutie (MILF) who flew through 10K at about 8:3x per mile (yes, I glanced at her display).


Then came the hotel breakfast; the venue is smaller than the St. Louis Drury Inn, but it was full of fans. There were a couple of Browns fans, but mostly Chiefs fans (as expected).

I bundled up: 2 socks (one wool), boots, long underwear, fleece jeans, thermal top, nylon top, wool sweater, high tech jacket, thin sweat shirt top with a hood, stocking cap, light gloves. It was enough for the cold day (just below freezing) and windy.

I had to be careful to not sweat too much on the walk to the stadium from the hotel. You can see the stadium from my hotel window; the nearer stadium is for baseball and the one further away is for football. It was about a 15 minute walk away.


Arrowhead from the hotel

Arrowhead is one of the NFL’s iconic stadiums. It opened in 1972 and it has been updated.

Though it was a cold day, the tailgate community was undeterred. Cars got there 4-5 hours prior to the start of the game. As you walked you saw it in the distance:

They are used to such weather here.


The entrance:

The stadium features exhibits a mini museum to Chiefs football and to the old AFL. I toured it after the game. Yes, there is a red and gold lit room and there is a team roster on the wall. There were more exhibits than I’ve shown here.





I had seats on the 30 yard line, at the top of the lowest deck.

One caveat: the people in the lower deck stand the entire time, only sitting during time outs. So, if you are short or have a short companion, either splurge for club seats (twice as expensive) or try to get first row, upper deck seats. Those in the upper deck did NOT stand nearly as much.

And yes, there is always some guy who is 6′ 6″ and has a size 8 head who will be in front of you. I could see over/around him, but a shorter person would have had trouble. He was nice; he asked the guy next to me if his wife’s animal hat was obscuring his view. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that, even with her hat, he was about a foot taller than her. 🙂

Yes, the fans were friendly, supportive and LOUD. LOUD…dome loud in the outdoors. It was a fun experience for me. I’d go again, and if I went with someone, where I got seats would depend on how willing they were to stand and how tall they were.

In short: Mat, Lynn or Jason: I’d get seats where I was. Barbara, Tracy or Linda: first row, upper deck or club seats. There is a slightly less expensive club seat available for about 30 dollars more than I paid for my seat.

Pregame/game photos:



You could actually feel the heat from the fire here; this is when the Chiefs entered the field.



The cheerleaders wore red spandex and I didn’t bring my binoculars.



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