Chiefs 17 Browns 13 as rally falls short

This post is about the game itself; I’ll post about my trip and Arrowhead Stadium next.

The game itself The Browns outgained the Chiefs 368 to 258; they got 232 yards rushing…including 108 yards from their quarterback! They totally dominated the second half. But nevertheless, the game ended when the clock ran out on the Browns at the Chief 18 yard line and so they lost 17-13.


The Chiefs started out well, driving the ball 70 yards for a touchdown; they got a couple of key quarterback scrambles for first downs prior to setting up a touchdown pass:

The drive ate up half the first quarter of this very fast moving game.

After a punt the Chiefs drove it 39 yards and got a field goal to move up 10-0. I thought: “well, this is what I thought it would be.”

The teams exchanged punts and then the Browns put together a drive and got a rare pass completion. A key play is when the Brown quarterback was flagged for an illegal forward pass on a lateral attempt (ruled legal, but overturned on review). They got a field goal to put it 10-3.

Then came a key sequence: a Chief pass was tipped and intercepted..runback to the Chief 41. But two plays later, the Chiefs intercepted and it was run back to the Brown 29.


The Chiefs went backwards and had to punt; the punt pinned the Browns deep and they had to punt, and the Chiefs used the short field to piece together a touchdown drive, scoring on a medium pass. It was 17-3.

But within the last minute, the Browns used a scramble (one of many) and a short pass/run after catch to set up a 51 yard field goal attempt, which was blocked. That was to be huge.

The second half was all Browns; they opened with a 82 yard time consuming drive for a touchdown. Only 10 of the yards came by passing; it was quarterback keeping and runing.

The Chiefs offense did they did all half.

The Browns drove it 62 yards for a field goal; key plays were a fake punt (run up the middle) and an illegal touching penalty as the Cleveland quarterback threw to an offensive lineman. That moved the Browns back from the 8 and they had to kick a field goal. It was now 17-13.

The Chiefs went nowhere and the Browns drove it to the 30, where they ran out of downs. There were 3 minutes to go; they held the Chiefs again and got the ball with 1:5x left in the game at their own 30, with no time outs. They drove it to the Chiefs 18 yard line, where the clock ran out.

The Cleveland quarterback slammed his helmet in disgust.

But: The Browns came to play and to play hard; they didn’t not go down easily.


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