Kicking myself into work…

Oh my. Am I lazy today. I won’t check back into the internet until I’ve done at least two tasks.

Workout notes: 2200 swim (Riverplex) and 4 miles (1:05) of walking on the River trail. I wore SHORT SLEEVES (ok, short sleeved vest), no hat, no gloves and shorts. Keep in mind that this is December 21 in Illinois.

The swim: 500 warm up, 10 x 25 drill (3g, or 5g, or fist), 25 swim, no fins.
5 x 100 IM (the worse IM’s you’ve ever seen)
7 x 100 (alternating pull and free); got into a mini race with a swim babe from time to time.

Holidays: Robert Riech’s guide to debating “Uncle Bob.” I wont’ work with me; I am more of “the hell with what the spread sheet says, I just don’t like them” type of person. šŸ™‚



December 21, 2015 - Posted by | political humor, politics, swimming, walking

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