In Indianapolis …

I attended graduation. I used to sort of pooh-pooh undergraduate graduations before I realized that many don’t have that smooth of a path to get from “here to there”. I did…and SOME of it was due to the choices I made. SOME was due to my not having bad luck (e. g. diseases) and SOME was due to my having a bit of talent.

So I better understand what I used to think of as an overreaction.

I did get in a 5.1 mile run on my Cornstalk 5.1 mile course (57:11); it was 20F (-7 C) and breezy. Yes, in my undergraduate days, I would have finished 7.5 miles with the same effort in the same amount of time. But that was then and this is now.

Now I am in Indianapolis for the evening and for tomorrow. Texans vs. Colts tomorrow; we are taking Barbara’s nephew and roommate. Since I originally bought 3 tickets, we needed one more ticket and I’ll be sitting by myself…again. This will make a good “they wouldn’t sit with the stupid, stinky goat” story.


December 20, 2015 - Posted by | running, travel |

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