Mustard beats Ketchup: Rams 31, Buccaneers 23 (finished drives are the difference)

Well, it was a rowdy night. Yeah, there were empties in the Jones Dome (mostly upper deck and club seats) despite the pricy secondary market. Nevertheless, the crowd broke into chants of KEEP THE RAMS and KROENKE SUCKS (the owner who will probably move the team to Los Angeles).

And the Buccaneers outgained the Rams 509-319 but missed a couple of open touchdown passes (one drop), fumbled it once, threw one interception, failed on 4’th and 1 from the Ram 23 (after a 71 yard drive) and dropped a potential “pick 6”. And the Rams did gain yardage via a long kick return (to the Tampa Bay 3).

The first half was all Rams; it ended 21-3. The Bucs moved the ball well, between the 30’s. But they had trouble finishing drives.

The opening drive saw the Rams take advantage of a good kick return; they capped a 57 yard drive with a nifty screen pass.


The teams traded punts, then the Buccaneers put together a drive of their own but had to settle for a field goal.

The Rams found their passing game and nailed a 60 yard touchdown pass to a large wide receiver who was isolated in single coverage.

Then after an exchange of punts, a key Tampa Bay drive died. On 3’rd down a quarterback scramble came up 1 yard short of a firt down at the Ram 23. Tampa Bay went for it and got dropped for a loss. The Rams responded with a nice touchdown drive to up it to 21-3.

The Rams got the ball again, and Tampa dropped an interception near mid field.

In the second half, Tampa got a nice drive getting first and goal at the 6. But a run was stopped for a loss; then a penalty moved them back, and then a Tampa receiver dropped a “back shoulder” ball in the end zone. So it was another field goal which made it 21-6.

The Rams responded with an 83 yard drive, capped by a nifty reverse for a touchdown.


Note the two Tampa Bay players in the background: they were shaken up when they ran into each other.

It was 28-6 going into the 4’th quarter.

Then the Buccaneers took over, at least in terms of yardage. They had run it effectively and now the passing game got going.

It took them 4 plays to move 98 yards (long passes)


The two point conversion was nullified by a holding penalty so they kicked it…43 yards away (because of penalty yardage).

Then came a kick return from the end zone to the Tampa 3 yard line. But 3 rush plays netted nothing, so the Rams kicked a field goal to make it 31-13.

Tampa had another drive end with a field goal. Then they got the ball back…drove it and got intercepted. They got it back again and with 1:4x to go and no time outs, scored a touchdown to cut it to 31-23. But they were out of time outs and were finished when the Rams recovered the onside kick.

But the Buccaneers had something like 200 yards in the 4’th quarter; it wasn’t enough.

Non-game notes:

As I said in the previous post, I got a cut rate deal on a hotel across the street from the Jones Dome:


Players entrance rope line to the Jones Dome

Here is where the players enter the JD to go to their locker rooms to dress.


40 yard line seats

I had 40 yard line seats, right at the top of the first tier. They were great seats; great view of the game. But one had to be at least a little bit active. The luxury boxes were right behind me.


Pregame and Halftime show

The NFL network had a pregame and halftime show; the set up was mounted on something like a car chassis and the roof/desk set up could be raised and lowered; it was driven on and off of the field.



There were several kick-offs.


National Anthem

A “map of The United States” in flag colors.


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