The lies we tell ourselves

Well, I am in St. Louis to watch what could well be the final St. Louis Rams home game. The owner will (probably) move the team to Los Angeles in 2016. Ironically, ticket demand, which was very light at first, is now quite high in the secondary market. Evidently there is some demand to see the team away.

What wasn’t in demand were rooms in the “across the street from the stadium” hotel; in fact I got a bargain (includes parking, dinner, breakfast) and am paying just a bit more than what you’d pay at a Comfort Inn type room..and they included a suite.

The stadium is visible from the hotel room window; I watched the players walk into the stadium (they have a rope line for that).

The lie Yes, I brought a mathematics journal and notebook with me. But in order for my mind to be able to work on math, I need the background mind to have already started, and I just got through with final grades. Deep down, I knew that was a waste of backpack space. 🙂

The drive here (easy, just under 3 hours) helped me unwind just a bit but now, I am more or less stalking my favorite people on Facebook (reading their walls) and just soaking up the atmosphere; you can hear music coming from outside the stadium.

Yes, this was a solo trip; my wife is …yes…taking me to a Colts game this Sunday! (along with her nephew and his roommate). So, she deserves a break. And getting here took me leaving mid afternoon, so it would be tough to find someone with a non-academic job to have gone with me. But it was great incentive to get my grading done and grades turned in.


Note: I am holding up my game ticket and some pink bismuth tablets…the latter is to better help me stomach the Rams’ inept offense. Yes, that is the Jones Dome (where the game will be played) through the hotel room window.

Neither team is good; the Rams are favored by 1 point. The Buccaneers are 6-7; Rams are 5-8. This is a “color rush” game, derisively called the “Condiment Bowl” (Ketchup vs. Mustard)


Ah, time to head to dinner, then the game.

Lynn: if you are reading this, this would have been an awesome road trip.


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  1. I am reading this, Ollie! And I do wish I was there to have made this road trip with you!!!!! Lynn

    Comment by Lynn | December 17, 2015 | Reply

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