Double Football Weekend, take 2, part 1

Workout notes: very slow 8.1 mile run on my Cornstalk course; 46 minutes half way, 48 minutes second half. I just went and let my mind wander. It was grey, warm, and drizzly. As I was coming from Laura Ave. onto Cooper, some women smiled and waved. They are on the university track team; they see out all of the time. Also, there was another woman doing hill repeats and crunches.

It was the old “how cute that old professor is trying to run” sort of look. šŸ™‚

Now I am in St. Louis; on the way down we listened to the second part of the Army-Navy game. Navy hung on to win 21-17; I had predicted that Navy would win but the Cadets would cover the spread.

Friday Night: I caught the Illinois State vs. Richmond FCS playoff game. I cajoled my department chair into going to the game with me; we went to Illinois State games together back in 1993-1994.

It was a misty day, but we stayed dry; it was 55 F which is unusual for December in Illinois. You couldn’t ask for better football weather. Our side was mostly filled out toward the middle; the bleachers across the way were sparsely filled.




Yes, this fan is wearing a horse’s head.


It was an entertaining scrap. The Spider receivers had terrific hands; they caught EVERYTHING that they got close to. In the first half, Richmond dominated play, but had to kick two field goals when deep in ISU territory. Also, ISU got an interception and it was “only” 19-7 at the half, though Richmond had close to 300 yards in total offense.


ISU got a stop and dominated play for most of the 3’rd quarter. But they got only one score (cutting it to 19-14). But Richmond responded to go up 25-14; Richmond had trouble with extra points.

Then came a key sequence. An ISU pass went to the 3 and ISU had a first and goal. But runs got stopped; then there was a penalty, and then an interception. Then Richmond got still another touchdown and it was 32-14 and ISU looked sunk..there was only 7 minutes left.


But ISU rallied with two very nice scoring drives and a big stop. Still, it was 32-27 with just over 3 minutes to go. But bam…running plays Richmond drove and broke a long run. 39-27, which is how it ended.

Total yards: 556 for Richmond (399 in the air, mostly on 3’rd down passes down the field), 448 for Illinois State (mostly in the second half of the game).


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