Why I really don’t care about a candidate’s “adultery allegations”

It seems that every time there is a national election, some allegations of adultery are issued. This campaign is no exception.

Now I am NOT saying that “adultery is ok”, “good” or whatever. I see it as a deeply personal matter between that person and their spouse.

Besides I also believe that monogamy is unnatural (evidence is that humans are mildly polygynous (or here) and hence, it takes a certain amount of energy to say faithful, if there is any opportunity whatsoever.

But then there is this: powerful men are sought after; women frequently come on to them. So the more powerful, famous, desirable men have more temptation and have to deal with it far more often.

Fortunately(?) I am not the most desirable ape in the tribe so there isn’t much temptation that comes my way. But any attention at all (e. g. a directed smile at a race or sporting event, a flirty remark or wiggle) goes right to my head. If I were subjected to actual seduction attempts on a frequent basis by a variety of desirable women, I’m sure that I’d eventually crack.

Notice I said nothing about the candidate’s spouse. I’m sure that the spousal relationship has at least some effect but it would be my guess that it isn’t a major factor (most of the time). This is 21 minutes long, but, in my opinion, worth watching.

So, these sort of allegations directed at a political candidate mean little to me.

Caveat to my female friends who are reading this I am NOT talking about you!!! I am not claiming to have lived a perfect life, but none of the female friends that have ever read this blog has done anything wrong (with me at least). I am merely discussing why I don’t consider this to be a factor when I am deciding on who to vote for.


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