Reaction to Trump: It isn’t mere bigotry ….

Workout notes Though I got some very good news on the personal front yesterday, I am still having trouble sleeping. As of right now, it has not affected my physical abilities.

But I got to the weight room early: 5 sets of 10 pull ups, rotator cuff exercises
incline: 10 x 135, 4 x 160, 8 x 150 (strong).
dumbbell bench press: 10 x 70
dumbbell military press: 2 sets of 12 x 50 (seated, supported), 1 set of 10 x 40 standing.
dumbbell row: 10 x 70, 2 sets of 10 x 50.

abs: 2 sets of 12 twist crunches, 2 sets of 10 yoga leg lifts, moving bridge recoveries.

Swim: warm up 100’s: 8 x 100 on the 2, 200 (leaky goggle stop), 6 x (50 drill, 100 swim), 100 pull, 150 back, 2 x 25 fly.
Weight: 183 after swimming.

Donald Trump, Muslims and bigotry

Let me make this clear: I find nothing positive about Mr. Trump’s proposed “ban on Muslims coming to America”. But it appears that Mr. Trump “not caring” about what the “politically correct” critics are saying is playing well.

Now many have said that this is because the people who support Mr. Trump are bigots. Now true, *some* are. But I’d like to propose something else, and I am not talking about “fear”. After all, I have more to worry about from a drunk or texting driver or a garden variety mugger than I do from a terrorist. The statistics are clear on that.

I think it is more this: when one thinks of “Muslims” overseas wanting to come here, these are the images that come to mind:



Hey, if “they” hate the USA and they don’t like free speech, why do they want to come here?

And there is this:

The values of the Muslims in these videos ARE incompatible with American values!

Do you want to see people rioting over cartoons? Do you want to see clerics issuing a call for someone to be murdered for writing a book? I sure as hell don’t want that here.

So yes, on the whole..on a world wide basis, Islam DOES have a major problem with these issues. To not admit as much is to be dishonest.

Nevertheless, that might not apply to those who want to come HERE. After all, we have Muslim neighbors and coworkers who are working hard and contributing to society, and we should welcome even more like these.

I think that the issue is that humans are emotional and our minds make very quick, crude approximations. After all, a Muslim in Turkey or Indonesia might not have that much in common with a Shiite Persian mullah or some Sunni from Saudi Arabia. People wanting to come to the US should be judged on a case by case basis, with no religious test applied.

And as far as Muslims in the US: the issue is complex. I can recommend the book Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam written by Professor Akbar Ahmed (he spoke at Bradley University a few years ago; we was a guest of the Muslim Student group on campus). It is well researched, well written and unflinchingly honest.


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