I knew the Cardinals would crush the Rams. I went anyway.

Well, as far as the game itself, there isn’t much to say.


The Cardinals are one of the NFL’s elite teams and came in with a 9-2 record, with one loss being to the Rams. The Rams came in 4-7 on a 4 game losing streak, which included two ugly blowout losses. So you know how it went: 27-3 Cardinals, and it wasn’t that close.

It was only 10-0 at the half, though the Cardinals had 24x yards to 8x for the Rams. The total yardage was to end up 524 to 212 and the time of possession was about 40 to 20 (39:47 to 20:13). The Rams all pro punter kept the Cardinals starting in poor field position but that didn’t matter.

The Cardinal offensive line opened huge holes to let them run for 175 yards, and that running no only got a touchdown but set up the medium passing game, and a couple of deep strikes.


Still, in the 3’rd quarter, the teams traded punts and the Rams broke off one decent run to put themselves in the red zone. But they came away with a field goal..still 10-3 is not that big of a lead. Then a special teams miscue put the Cardinals at their own 2. No worries; one run gave them breathing room and a 30 yard bomb put them close to midfield. Then came a long drive to make it 17-3 and momentum had shifted back. There was time for another touchdown and it was 24-3 going into the 4’th quarter.

The Rams did make it inside the 10 but failed on 4’th down, ending up at the Cardinal 2.

The Cardinals got a drive (and a beautiful long pass) to set up an “ice the game” field goal.

Basically, this was a total beat down on both sides of the ball. The Cardinals are fun to watch, though not against the team I am cheering for. πŸ™‚

Socially Speaking
I spoke of how I didn’t really know that I was going to THIS game until Friday. But I was able to get a steep discount on “club seats”. Bottom line: they are great seats for watching the game and the person who wants more options than usual stadium food might find the other stuff useful. And yes, you get lounges, more choices of alcohol (though I don’t drink) and a free game program..and shorter bathroom and concession lines.

But that is about it; think of a stadium that has a mid grade hotel setting for the concourse.

I sat around some college students from the University of Missouri; they were actually fun to watch the game with. We chatted and had a good time; one of them even alerted me that my jersey collar was inside out in my back (where my binoculars were). I didn’t use the binoculars much though; the seats were pretty close.

Upshot: since I paid (with fees) roughly what I paid for the upper deck tickets for the Bears game, (actually a bit less since the game program was free) it was worth it…THIS TIME. Face value? Heck no! Discounted? Yes. πŸ™‚

So a bit about my “game experience”


Tailgate lot 70 minutes to kickoff

As you can predict from this lot right across the Jones Dome: it wasn’t going to be a big crowd. They said “paid crowd of 51,000” but I’d say that 35-40K was more like it.


Jones Dome

Not that many out and around.



Club Entry

Club section: HERE I COME! (LOL)


Food choices

You did have a few more food choices.


Inside the Club

Inside the club: a bit like a mid grade hotel lobby.



Still sort of empty at introduction was to get more crowded later.


Genuine Republican Seats

Up here, behind this low wall/barrier, is where people who *should* be voting Republican sit. We were in the “JV Republican” section.


The teams at midfield

Midfield action


Cardinals about to score

The Cardinals about to score, yet again. Great view of the game though.


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