Hope the game is as suspenseful as getting to it

Workout notes: up early; I walked 5K in my West Peoria course. It was a bit frosty. Did some yoga afterward.

Yesterday’s sports: the Bradley women lead for 3 quarters and lost badly in the 4’th (to University of Illinois-Chicago). The men held a 41-31 lead over North Dakota with 7:30 to play. Regulation ended at 47-47. The first overtime took forever and saw the teams score 4 points COMBINED (49-49 at the end of the first OT); it just drug on forever. So we left (due to my scheduled early start this moring) and were spared watching BU lose 65-59. What does one expect with 10 freshmen on the team? I think that they should be much better in the 2016-2017 season, but this season will be tough to bear.

And so I am getting ready to drive to watch the Rams play the Cardinals. I had my eye on this game for a while as the Cardinals have a bonafide shot at the Super Bowl this year; they are 9-2 and are 5 point favorites (not enough, IMHO). And the Rams stink enough that lower level 50 yard line seats were going for 56 dollars (before fees) and even I could afford a club set; it cost me about what the nosebleed seats for the Rams vs. Bears cost!

Basically, at the time of the Bears game, the Rams still had hope and the travelling Bears fans bought many of the tickets.

But as far as getting to the game (and I am not there yet; I still have a long drive ahead of me, albeit a familiar drive in good weather):

First of all, my poor spouse is “footballed out” for the time being (and we still have 2 games to go; Rams vs. Lions and Colts vs. Texans). But about 6 weeks ago, a former football companion said that she’d be in town about now, and she gave a “tentative accept” of my invitation. About a month ago, she told me that she wouldn’t be back in town after all. And given that my other football companion is tied up with school (going back to take college classes after retiring as a professor!) I figured this would be a solo road trip.

Then in the middle of last week, someone invited me to the Bears vs. 49’ers game (about equal distance in the other direction) Though that wasn’t the game I wanted to see, it is always more fun to go with someone, so I accepted and was a bit excited. THAT fell through (don’t ask) so I am back to my original plans. But I do get to see the Cardinals, one of the elite NFL teams this year.

I’ve made longer solo trips to see a game before and had a blast; I can usually “make friends at the game”. Football fans are usually reasonably friendly and chatty The only downer is the long boring drive, but the pregame shows will make that more fun; and the game experience makes it worth it to me.

So if I had go go solo, I wouldn’t go to nearly as many. But I’d still go at least a few times each season. To me, there is nothing like being there in person. It is in my blood.



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