Chilly Saturday: free speech, gun violence, starting in life

Workout notes 10K run on my own; 5.1 course plus the lower 1.2 loop. It was just below freezing but sunny; there was frost on the ground. My last mile: I tried to pick it up but could only manage 9:08 for the 1.03 ending. It felt “fast”. Sadly.

But as slow as the run was (about 1:07-1:08), it was just as much fun as it ever was.

Then I gave a presentation about mathematics to some minority prospective STEM students. I hope that I didn’t bore them too much.


Conservatives and liberals: don’t try to make your conservative friend into a liberal. And no, THAT latest mass shooting won’t convince them. Here is why.

Paradox: Yes, mass shootings are up, but total gun violence and deaths are DOWN. But since the big events make the papers, we tend to worry disproportionately about these and not about the more common, more lethal mundane events. On the other hand, in our “caveman” brains, “one death is a tragedy, a million deaths are a statistic.” These paradoxes go hand in hand.

Society One reason I remain in favor of affirmative action: the playing field is far from level; many young minorities start in a financial hole that others do not. Example: many minority families suffer financially when the breadwinner dies whereas those families that are headed by those who have either built up an estate or have insurance do not. Minority young people graduate with more student debt and receive less financial help from families early on in life.

Politics No, I do not approve of “activists” going to a speech and shouting down the speaker. You are entitled to free speech but not to a captive audience.


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