Colts vs. Buccaneers: Colts 25-21

Workout notes: yesterday, 2 mile “fast walk” on the treadmill, early. Then up and down to and from row 20 in section 624 in the Lucas Oil Stadium I’m telling you, that section is STEEP. It was painful to watch the elderly and the obese attempting to navigate those stairs, but the sight lines were pretty good.


The stadium IS a jewel. But, given that I’ve watched many NFL games from bleacher seats when I was a young man, well, the new stadiums feel like overkill to me.

(from last year’s playoff game)



This concluded our Thanksgiving weekend. Barbara took her nephew back to Indianapolis. So I figured I’d spring for some inexpensive nosebleed tickets (38 dollars each, WITH fees) and catch the game while we were in town.

I simply love being at the game.

The game itself: the first half found the Bucs leading 12-6; there was only one punt. It was half of long drives, ending with field goals.

The Buccaneers used a strong inside running game to move; the Colts used a controlled short passing game.

Finally, in the second quarter, we saw the game’s first touchdown on a medium pass. But the extra point was missed! It was the first of two missed extra points we saw (the others was by the Colts), which is a rarity.

In the second half the Colts defense made adjustments to take away the run and force the rookie quarterback to pass. He is good (the former controversial Florida State quarterback) but he is a rookie. All the Bucs could generate in the second half was a long, missed field goal attempt.


The Colts got a field goal to cut it to 12-9 and later, finally, a touchdown to lead 16-12.

Another field goal move it to 19-12. Then with just over 5 minutes to play, the Colts moved it to set up another field goal, which was good. But a “jumping” (and running into the holder) penalty extended the drive so the Colts took points off of the board. That *almost* cost them when there was an “would have gone with the call on the field” “not fumble” on the 2. The Colts threw a TD but missed the point; that sealed the win.

Afterward As much as I’d love another NFL game this weekend, I won’t go, UNLESS I get ahead of my work a bit. We have tickets for the Rams vs. Lions in December (the Rams stink) and then later the Colts vs. Texans.


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