Peoria Chocolate Turkey 3 mile run: I stink. Literally.

Yes, as I sit here, I am stinking. This is why. I think that my body chemistry really reacts badly with these high tech shirts.

The day came up sort of gray; we had drizzle before but none during the run. The “cat crap” worked great on my glasses; no fogging at all.

My performance: well, not so good but I didn’t expect much


This is about a 27:00 5K. The mile splits: 8:36, 8:31, 8:54. The last mile was against the wind and the middle mile was win aided. The main mistake I made was looking at the finish clock and forgetting that I was over 20 seconds faster than that; I really wanted to go under 26 and just missed it.

I think that my strenuous 6 miler two days ago hampered me a bit, and it was about 1 minute slower than last year.

I jogged my warm up from the house and then walked back to cool down. So it was 5 run (2 warm up, race) and 2 walking to cool down.

I saw my doctor and we joked about aging; we’ve been running these for quite a long time. He told me he hit his 5K PR at the 2 mile split. I was never that fast; but I have run a few 4 milers faster than this.

But hey, I am grateful that I have the health and means to do these.

Shoe Store Note Yesterday, I bought new shoes at Running Central; the owner really has turned an old, almost cult like mom-and-pop into a professional enterprise. They are very efficient.

But some of the younger workers amuse me. I got waited on by a young woman with a nose ring who was wearing running leggings. She quickly brought out some shoes that would work for me. But she did amuse me a bit; when she asked me if I was running today’s race, I told her “yes”. She wondered if I’d be wearing the new shoes and I told her “no” and explained at how I usually break into new shoes. She just wanted to remind me not to run the race in shoes I haven’t worn before.

I stifled my desire to say “honey, I ran my first marathon in 1980.” It is better to assume that the customer doesn’t know, and I suppose I don’t look like a runner.

By the way, I wore those old red and grey NB 730 for that race. My time was a pedestrian 3:33 but my sub 3 hour marathon friends had to wait for me since I drove us to the race!



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